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Kid Friendly Spots in Surfside

a small child sitting on the ground

Surfside, Florida offers some of the most engaging activities and delicious meals for families living in South Florida without the headache and chaos that comes with South Beach. For those in the know, Surfside has some of the most modern and fun spots for kids in South Florida that are a bit safer and more family friendly than other places. Without further ado, here are the top kid-friendly spots and attractions in Surfside, FL.

Surfside Beach. Playing with mantas and seagulls, passing a ball around, building a sandcastle or human mermaid, pulling out the kite, flying the drone and frolicking on the sand are just some of the great things that Surfside Beach offers. With top-notch cuisine and public restrooms nearby, you simply can’t go wrong at the beach!
Paws Up Dog Park. Whether your family owns a dog, is interested in owning a dog, or just enjoys watching them play, then a stop at the Paws Up Dog Park on the corner of Byron and 93rd is a must. Dogs always do the funniest things and bring a smile to our faces. This could not be truer for kids.

96th Street Park. If it’s too windy for the beach, then the 96th Street Park at 9850 Bay Drive is a perfect place to have fun for the day. It has swings, a playset, a veranda to block the sun and a nice field to play soccer or throw a frisbee in. For children 6 and under, try the Hawthorne Tot Lot on the corner of 90th and Bay Drive.

Rustiko Italian. If charmingly authentic Italian cuisine in a modern ambiance with excellent service is right up your alley, then definitely check out Rustiko. Rustiko is an all-kosher dairy gourmet artisan bistro restaurant in the heart of Surfside that offers perfectly authentic pizza, pasta and much more that is to die for. Instead of spending an hour searching online for “kosher pizza restaurant Surfside” or “kosher Italian restaurant Surfside”, just check out Rustiko! Located on 9476 Harding Ave, Rustiko has incredibly delectable cuisine that is as authentic, kosher, kid-friendly and delicious as any restaurant in Italy (which their TripAdvisor rating proves). Or, if you’re in the mood for savory Latin, Asian and other Mediterranean cuisines, check out their sister restaurant Fresko.

Speedboat Sightseeing Tour of Miami. People of all ages, not just kids, love the speedboat tour. There’s nothing more kid-friendly than a cool breeze out on the water on a nice day in Miami. The Speedboat Sightseeing Tour of Miami by Thriller Miami Speedboat Adventures is the most fun way to get out on the water without breaking the bank. At just $38 per person, it’s surely a memorable experience without having to buy a boat of your own. It’s a 45-minute tour, and it even shows all of the glamorous homes on Fisher and Star Islands.

Miami Children’s Museum. If speedboats aren’t your cup of tea, then try the Miami Children’s Museum! Located at 980 Macarthur Causeway, the Children’s Museum is perfect for a rainy day. With loads of exhibits for the kids to interact with, it’s a perfect place for a kid to be a kid and get their sillies out of their system. The cost is only $20 for a kid and adult and is definitely a must-visit for any kid who wants to have a fun time.

Miami Beach Botanical Garden. Designed by famous Brazilian architect Burle Marx, the Miami Beach Botanical Garden is a magnificent (but somewhat small) sanctuary amongst the busy city life where kids can safely explore, learn and lose themselves in the magic of nature. It’s located right next door to the Holocaust Museum, too, which is an excellent history lesson for both kids and adults. For a more low key adventure filled with solace, the botanical garden is a perfect kid-friendly adventure.

Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. The Museum of Science is located in Downtown Miami’s Museum Park and is a world-class museum which has a 3D, 8K planetarium for exploring space (one of only 13 in the world) and a three-tier aquarium which sharks, manta rays, and a petting tank. It’s located at 1101 Biscayne Blvd, right next door to the iconic Perez Art Museum.

Perez Art Museum. If your kids are a bit older, then the Perez Art Museum is a perfect place to explore and grow their creative side. A sleek, well-maintained art exhibit on the water, the Perez Art Museum has an extremely friendly staff with thought-provoking and fascinating pieces. Children often enjoy the art museum as there is much to see and much to learn about the culture. Catching a breeze on the suspended seats outside is fun, and the metro can drop you off there for just a couple of bucks.

Surfside Park. Surfside Park boasts a fun painted mural, sprawling lawn, and nets for sports, a nice tennis court, sheltered playground with playful trees, a playset and a shelter for picnics or birthday parties. It’s also right on the water, so it has a cool view and the location could not be more perfect and safe.