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Miami in Moonlight: Dazzling Things to Do Nightly!

a bridge over a body of water with a city in the background

Miami is spectacular at dusk. Sizzling with carmine flowers and crab bisque and calypso, the city roars with energy and excitement. Whether you’re traipsing the town as a local or in search of major attractions as a tourist, you’ll love Miami at night. Whorls of festive lights in red and green and indigo pave the way to restaurants, symphony halls, bookstores, beaches, nightclubs, and more! City residents are vibrant and bubbly, eager to aid your enjoyment. Tree-lined streets are scintillating—florid palms basked in warm temperatures, romantic horizons, aromatic breezes. Art, culture, and history rustle the promenades and bring out the best the city has to offer, night after night. From gourmet cake to surfside seafood to kosher Italian, you’ll find delights after dark along the beautiful shores of Miami.

Traipse a night at the museum
History fascinates. Tucked in the art déco district of Miami, The Wolfsonian museum sits on the handsome campus of Florida International University, housing complex collections spanning 100 years. With over 180,000 unique objects—ranging from paintings and sculptures to vintage toasters and exercise equipment, the museum sparks thought and imagination. Acquired from different countries across multi-genre time periods, these striking exhibits will intrigue the novice and the expert alike. Browse the rare book collection, boasting over 100,000 volumes. Open nightly until 9 pm, The Wolfsonian will surprise and delight. Ideal for private events with standard or kosher catering, the museum is at your service!

Enjoy symphony music in the park
Music invigorates the soul. The New World Center, a posh avant-garde venue, just steps away from the shore and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Launched in 2011, this sophisticated state-of-the-art architectural structure is not only a high-tech performance space but also a music laboratory—brimming with the best and brightest musicians from around the world. Internally, the center offers a multi-million dollar interior space, seating up to 750 patrons with a symphony orchestra. Externally, the center presents Soundscape—a stunning outdoor theater in a lavish park setting. With a sleek sound-system managing over 167 individual speakers, you’ll bask in pleasure as you lounge under the moonlight. You’ll watch the symphony perform beautiful renditions of the classics—rays of harp and violin, of cello and flute—all equally encapsulating. Food and snacks are allowed, with a kosher pizza restaurant in the vicinity.

Make reservations for a gourmet dinner
Cuisine is king. Whether on a weeknight or the weekend, Miami offers a rich assortment of fine restaurants. Signature menus, from spicy to vegetarian to kosher, showcase an array of options to suit discriminating tastes. Steakhouses like the Rustiko satisfy guests with simple, flavorful entrees, Italian gourmet and rustic, flame-grilled to perfection amid elegant ambiance and fabulous service. For the sensuous palette, you’ll find prize-winning gourmet bistros from every corner of the world, wood-fired artisan pasta houses, and pastry bars with master chefs serving desserts creme brulee—dairy or dairy-free, with a medley of Cuban limes. And since the trend of going kosher is rising fast in the Magic City, a host of new places are emerging monthly, the latest being Kosh Miami, a surfside destination set for glowing reviews!

Catch a candlelit comedy show
Comedy is contagious. Book tickets for a night on the town and laugh endlessly. Venues such as The Comedy Inn, praised by USA Today, and Just the Funny are popular spots to enjoy in Miami. Act after act of award-winning comedic actors, the curtains will never fall. You’ll hug your belly in non-stop hilarity. Interactive. Refreshing. Memorable. Yes. Stand-up comedy is alive and well and showcasing nightly in premier locations—shining the spotlight on emergent and seasoned comedians alike. Relax and rewind. Your laugh-box is in for a treat. You’ll rumble tableside and sip a light lager or crisp, craft Saison ale to catch your breath in style.

The city of Miami is gorgeous at any hour but it’s especially dynamic at night. The bristling skylines are starry and stupendous—drawing folks from every walk of life into its electrifying districts and quarters, its host of exhilarating nooks and crannies. From the north to south, the sidewalks radiate with the silhouettes of those seeking a satiating time after dark. Moonlit venues, whether ten-story or garden-style, consistently put the city on the map—against a backdrop of salsa dancing and yacht cruising and jazz crooning and horseback riding. And a great variety of outings can be enjoyed by the all, from the tenderest ages to the eldest senior. Everyone loves a scrumptious meal and a family film screencast at dusk. Yes. Miami is that kind of town. Quaint and quirky and quintessential, steeped in art and culture, the pendulum of the city never slumbers. Innovations are brewing afresh. Talents are debuting nightly. Restaurant tastes are ever changing and refining in this 120-year charming city!